MOME - Moholy Nagy Művészeti Egyetem



FUTURE TRADITIONS – Reseach and curriculum development project

The aim of the Future Traditions project is to reinterpret traditional ornament heritage of Norwegian and Hungarian hand crafts and folk arts, to integrate them in a dynamic contemporary, social, technological, economic and educational context and to find perspectives for future cultural traditions and dialogues.

The Donor partner is MOME which is one of the most significant European institutions of visual culture due to its traditions and intellectual background. Concerning its professional background MOME leads the Future Traditions project.

The first partner, the Norwegian Telemark University College (TUC) role is to enforce the traditional craft approach – learning practical and manual competences in wood, metal and textile workshops forms the core of the programs at the department.

The second partner, Telemark Kunstsenter (Telemark Art Centre, TKS) is an information and communication institution of professional art and crafts in Telemark. The roles of TKS is the involvement of artists and international network activity.

The three institutions aims to conduct a joint multidisciplinary research on how traditional craft techniques can be combined with cutting edge technology. The goal of the project is - based on the experiences and results - to develop new educational methodologies, learning materials for educational purposes. It is also the goal of the project to disseminate the outcomes of the research in different ways and also to establish a long term cooperation between the three institutions, and involving different levels and fields of other organizations.

The project is initiated and runned by the Design Institute of MOME and is supported by the EEA//NORWAY GRANTS.

Project Team:

Hedvig Harmati DLA  – Head of Project / Research (Head of Textile Department)
Pal Koós DLA  – Deputy Head of Project / Research (Head of Design Institute)
Bori Feher – Project Coordinator (MOME Global)

Eszter Revesz – Researcher/ Teacher / Research Coordinator (Textile Department)
Krisztian Adam - Researcher/ Teacher  (New Craft Department)
Daniel Lakos - Researcher/ Teacher  (Product Design Department)

Ildiko Simonfalvi  - project assistant (professional)
Erika Nemeth – project assistant (finance)

Erzsébet Vágh - project administrator
Szabina Szűcs - project administrator


As a continuation of the international partnership building with higher education institutes MOME applied for and won
an EEA M2 grant to enhance and strengthen our relationship with renowned Northern art and design academies.

In the EEA M2 mobility program our contracted partners are:
Iceland Academy of the Arts
University College of Southeast Norway
The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

MOME is in the process of a major campus development project and in line with the physical renewal we review our academic programs and research projects as well as our international relations. Thus means the visiting mobilities of the management, staff members and teachers will focus on best practices learning, also on job shadowing and fostering institutional, educational and research knowledge exchange. The EEA M2 mobilities will be realised until the 30th of April 2017.

Project coordinator: Györgyi Falvai, MOME Global International Office