MOME - Moholy Nagy Művészeti Egyetem



Horizontal labs

Creative Technology Lab
Head of Lab: Zsófia Ruttkay

Digital technologies are spreading in everyday life connecting us to each other and to all parts of our environment on ways we never imagined before. Both the visible and invisible informationflow and the devices capable of transmitting it through audio, visual, kinetic and other interfaces have paved the way for the creation of new applications.
To meet the challenge, however one needs more than just the technical knowledge. The design and production of such concepts require creativity, aesthetic sense and social sensibility all together. Thanks to this multidisciplinarity these applications stretch the development and the daily use of technology into new dimensions.
The Creative Technology Lab was founded too meet these needs as an open, horizontally operating creative space where digital technologies - based on the Western-European model of R+D - are being implemented into interdisciplinary projects of mixed sociological, artistic, technical knowledge and content.

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Head of Lab: Bori Fehér

MOME EcoLab is the sustainability research lab of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest. Its aim is to find tangible design solutions for the social and ecological challenges of the 21st century.

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MOME Transfer Lab
Head of lab: Bálint Veres

MOME Transfer Lab was established in autumn, 2012 in order to seek answers to the work of arts, products, concepts and researches carried out at the university in respect of their cultural and social mediating and utilization.
MOME Transfer Lab is one of the generators of the university's interdisciplary processes, thus it cooperates with associations of art, design and research both inside and outside the university.

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Head of Lab: Péter Pozsár

By means of architecture and design MOME socioLAB's mission is to encourage active individual participation, and to create a new community on the basis of individual responsibility. The focus of MOME socioLAB is on interdisciplinarity, equalization, building diverse communities, and redefining architecture by giving alternative solutions.