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Pál Koós DLA habil.
Head of Institute
Associate Professor

Erzsébet Vág
Department Assistant

Dóra Szabó
Department Assistant

The aim of the Design Institute is to train design artists, open and sensitive towards the current processes of environment, society and culture, representing the highest professional standards. It considers as its task to train young designers, competitive both in national and international professional life, and capable of finding their own places on the professional palette.

The institute system promotes interdisciplinarity among the domains of Product Design, Fashion and Textile Design, as well as Design and Art Departments, it fosters the pursuit of an interdisciplinary artistic activity, as well as the deepening of an open, integrated way of thinking. Besides, it provides the opportunity to form an active dialogue with the design institutions and professional organizations in the country, in Europe, and all over the world.

The institute is a vibrant intellectual workshop providing a high standard elite training for its students. It considers equally important to preserve tradition and to integrate the newest knowledge into training. Based on its research activity on past and future, it combines progress and tradition, and out of this it brings to life new design and art qualities.