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Doctoral School

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Bálint Veres
Head of Doctoral School
Assistant Professor

Júlia Gáspár

The Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest runs the Doctoral School with the faith in the fullness of life of the arts. The Doctoral School is the culmination of university studies, in the hope that it can offer a knowledge level rising above the specializations.

The aim of the Doctoral School is to direct personal ambition to a master, to raise the in-depth work of the master and disciple and to set it in a special relation with the educational programme.

The educational programme is comprised into one day weekly, when the School:

- presents walks of life - workshop spirit - and profiles,

- insists on and explores existential questions in the language of philosophy,

- discusses eternal values and actuality in form of course series - from cultural history to sustainability, from literary homeland study to economics,

- the professional consultations monitor self-inspection, advancement and persuasive power.

The Doctoral School is aware of the fact that its students are mature minds, they are prominent representatives of their field and that the targeted higher aim is the collective engagement of master and disciple. The time that they dispose of is divided into hours among duties, into day fragments.

The "teaching" day of our school, the doctoral Wednesday of MOME is connected to this life whirl. We expect here every university graduate, disposing of a high artistic ability. The gate of our Doctoral School is open, we have faith in the Hungarian creative power.