MOME - Moholy Nagy Művészeti Egyetem




- How do I apply to study as an Erasmus student?

Once your home institution has nominated you to Erasmus mobility, you will need to download and fill in MOME's application form. Together with your CV, portfolio and motivation letter this should be uploaded to our application site. For username and password please ask your Erasmus coordinator.

- How do I know if my university has an exchange agreement with MOME?

For a list of our academic partners, please visit this page.

- How can I be an Erasmus student at MOME?

If you wish to study at MOME with Erasmus programme, your home university must have a formal agreement with MOME. For a list of MOME's academic partners, please see the list of partners we have. You must then contact the Erasmus Coordinator at your home institution to discuss your eligibility. If there is no agreement between the two universities, it is not possible to participate in the Erasmus programme.

- When will I receive a decision?

Upon receipt of your application form, MOME will process your application and contact you or your Erasmus coordinator with a decision within one month after application deadline.

- My university does not have an agreement with MOME. Are there any other opportunities for me to study at MOME?

If you are interested in coming to study at MOME and your university does not have an Erasmus exchange agreement with us, you may be able to apply for a place as a fee-paying international student for a maximum of two semesters.

- What courses can I take at MOME?

Basically, you can apply only for one study area (eg., textile design) as MOME is not an multi-disciplinary university. However, once you are accepted and arrived to MOME, you may be able to take up another study area (eg., photo) depending on your skills and the available places at the department in question.

- Is accommodation available for Erasmus students?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide accommodation to incoming Erasmus students. Thus, we advise you to check websites for housing.

- How long are semesters?

Autumn semester starts at the beginning of September for Hungarian students, for foreign (Erasmus and international) students on the day of the Welcome Meeting which takes place in mid September. Accepted students are informed about the exact date of it. Autumn semester lasts until mid December, the end of the evaluation period of projects, if you follow practical courses only. However, if you take up classes in Art and Design Theory, their examination dates may be fixed for until the end of January, the end of the examination periods. Spring semester starts in general in the end of January and lasts until mid May or mid June, depending on if you follow only practical or theoretical courses, too, as above.