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Institute of Architecture

tel.: 06 70 684 7131
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Csaba Kovács
Head of Institute
Associate Professor

Adrienn Tornyos-Varga
Department Assistant

Laura Sütöri
Department Manager

The training activity of the Institute of Architecture is characterized by the principle preserving the threefold unity of Architecture – Interior Architecture – Furniture Design. A holistic claim determines the syllabus serving the acquisition of an artistic view and engineering knowledge. It is the intention of the institute that tradition and innovation should be present in training in an equal proportion. It is its primary task to train professionals, endowed with creative powers and responsible for their decisions, who carry out creative design work of high artistic standards in the field of shaping human environment. The work pursued in the institute is characterized by a close teacher-student relationship; the small number (12-15 persons per studio) allows the forming of a classical master and disciple dialogue.