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The primary task of our library is to create a rich background in technical literature for the training at our university. As a public library, in addition to helping educational and research work, our aim is to provide anyone interested in art with general information. Our library - along with the library of the Hungarian Design Museum – is the most important collection of the country's technical literature in the area of applied arts.

We collect all the Hungarian design and art publications and try to obtain selected foreign ones suggested by the lecturers of the university. We collect technical literature in numerous areas from Architecture to New Art Media, from Pedagogy to Management in compliance with the fields of education at the university. Our collections in Design Theory and in Design History are outstanding in Hungary.

Our special Art of the Book selection – received in 1969 trough the Kiadói Fõigazgatóság – includes bibliophile publications (old prints, foreign monographs and reference books). Later, in 1970, as a gift from the Nyomdaipari Egyesülés, the former library of Imre Kner, which includes old books as well, was added to the collection.

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Monday: 1 - 7 pm
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Friday: 8 am - 5 pm


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