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Media Institute

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Ábel Szalontai DLA
Head of Institute
Associate Professor

Mária Hajba
Department Assistant

Nikolett Szekeres
Institute Manager

Animation Department

MOME Animation

József Fülöp
Head of Department

László Brovinszki
Vice Head of Department

Eszter Glaser
Department Manager

Photography Department

MOME Photography

Gábor Máté
Head of Department
Assistant Professor

Ágnes Bakk
Department Manager

Media Design Department

MOME Media Design

János Szirtes
Head of Department

Krisztina Erdei
Department Manager

Graphic Design Department

MOME Graphic Design

Balázs Vargha
Head of Department
Associate Professor

Natália Horváth
Department Manager

With the advent of information society, the role and significance of media arts has highly increased, and in parallel with this the display surfaces of our professional environment and activities are in permanent change. Today everyone literally holds in their hands the means adequate for content creation, publication, playback, or mass information and influence. All these have radically transformed the previously formed social and cultural systems and customs.

Another irrevocable effect of the development of technology is the transformation of creative processes. In a professional medium the convergence of science and art is no longer an obscure future promise, but a day-by-day reality. The integration of traditions and modern technology is a prerequisite for the successful career of educational institutions.

The Media Institute of the MOME operates in this spirit. The high standard activity of our four centres of knowledge – animation, photography, media design, and graphic design – is the foundation of simultaneity and progress, instead of backwardness, as decisive features of our approach.

It is our target and responsibility to offer our students authentic intellectual ammunition and efficient instruments for their continuous development. This will lend them the opportunity to be decisive actors of their environment in this permanently changing medium, and to enrich and modernize the value system of our society.