MOME - Moholy Nagy Művészeti Egyetem



MOME Design @ Heimtextil


It is not the for the first time that MOME participated at the world's most important textile fair, Heimtextil. The event took place in Frankfurt between 14-17 January, where the university was represented by a branch team of the Fashion and Textile Design and the Graphic Design Department.

Year by year MOME generates bigger interest at the international fair: this year besides contacting new partners and institutions the visitors of Heimtextil purchased several showcased works of MOME students, i.e. designs by Dorottya Szabó, Katalin Boromissza, Teréz Rapkay, Kata Loványi, Eszter Révész and Apol Temesi.

MOME Design introduced Soundweaving, a project by Zsanett Szirmay in Frankfurt as well. The project originally debuting at Vienna Design Week in September 2014 was presented by the MOME student at Campus at Heimtextil and rose media interest yet again. 

MOME participants at Heimtextil: Emese Benczur, Eszter Révész lecturers, Zsófia Papp, Zsanett Szirmay students (Fashion and Textile Department) Balázs Vargha lecturer and Lilla Tóth student (Graphic Design Department).