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Degree and Non-degree studies

Registrars’ Office
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Whether you want to take up a few courses as a non-degree student or apply for full time studies, please contact us and we will be happy to help you determine the right course of study for your needs.

Non-Degree Studies

As a non-degree student you can study here one or two semesters maximum.  One may study in English at all levels (MA,BA) in all areas, as:
•    Media Design
•    Animation
•    Graphic Design
•    Photography
•    Product+Industrial Design
•    Textile (Fashion-, Weaving-, Knitting-, Printing-, Apparel and Leather-) Design
•    Silicate (Ceramics-, Glass-) Design (Glass courses are suitable only for applicants with relevant backgournd/ experience . Without that the Institution can only provide a basic introduction course.)
•    Metalwork+Jewellery Design
•    Architecture
•    Theoretical Studies (depending on the particular application).

Non-degree students are expected to have high professional skills and must have a valid student status in an educational institute.

To apply, a portfolio of art works showing the skills of the applicant in the chosen study area, a CV and a motivation letter are required to be uploaded to the University’s online surface. To get your personal invitation for the online surface please, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deadline for the Spring semester is 15 November, for the Autumn semester is 15 May.
A committee of our teachers will examine portfolios, and applicants will be informed about their decision within a month.

Payment: Successful candidates will be informed on where to transfer the tuition fee before the start of the semester.  
From 2017/18 autumn EUR 2000 is the minimum, for which applicants can take 3 courses. Any extra courses above cost EUR 500/course. The maximum tuition fee is EUR 10.000 all together. In case the student is uncertain about their courses, it is advised to transfer EUR 2000 in advance, any extra after their arrival here.

Free movers can join one or two semesters with the same conditions as above.

Degree Studies

Degree studies/Full time studies are fully in English for 2 years (=4 semesters) only at the graduate (MA) level, in the areas of

- Animation MA
- Photography MA
- Vehicle Design MA

Semester starts only in autumn each year.

To apply: ALL degree applicants have to use a central national application system,  and pass the entrance exam in July. Please note that there is a certain application fee. The application period is approximately during February every year in general. After application at, applicants should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or further information about the specific MOME admission procedure. In case your application is successful, you can start in September.

Payment: From 2017/18 autumn the tuition fee for non EU citizens will be 10.000 EUR/semester, fixed.
All EU citizens have the same legal financial opportunities. If they reach a certain threshold during the assessment process they have the right to study for free/on state scholarship (subsidized by the state under a few specific conditions: a student scholarship contract must be signed).

Please note we can only assure  Certification of Enrollments – eg. for visa enquiries – once your application was confirmed by our committee, and we received the tuition fee.