MOME - Moholy Nagy Művészeti Egyetem


Industrial and Product Design BA
6 semesters
180 credits

course director: Balázs Püspök

The aim of programme is to train successful industrial and product designers with the necessary artistic viewpoint and fundamental technical, economic and cultural background. The BA programme allows students to investigate industrial and product design at a basic level, while a wider approach to design identifying and handling economic, cultural and social issues can only be obtained by further study. Consequently, the department prepares students for the higher level design education of the MA programme. The quality of the training is guaranteed by acknowledged and well-trained professors who convey practical skills as well as general and theoretical knowledge to students with a high sense of responsibility.

Course list


Descriptive Geometry
Ergonomics 1
Creative Form Studies 1
Chronological Art History
Model Making 1
Proseminar: Introduction to Theoretical Studies
Drawing / Sketching 1


Ergonomics 2
Product Design Basics
Creative Form Studies 2
Model Making 2
Project Description
Construction Studies 1
Drawing / Sketching 2


Industrial and Product Design 1
Basic Construction Studies
Construction Studies 2
Sculpture / Dimensional Studies 1
Drawing / Sketching 3
Form Studies 1


Industrial and Product Design 2
Construction Studies 3
Sculpture / Dimensional Studies 2
Drawing / Sketching 4
Form Studies 2
Studies in Colour and Formgiving


Sculpture / Dimensional Studies 3


Typography 1
Sculpture / Dimensional Studies 4

*Besides the compulsary subjects, the completion of a number of alternative subjects (theoretical studies, speciality subjects) and free elective subjects, specified in the syllabuses, are necessary for completing the training.