MOME - Moholy Nagy Művészeti Egyetem


Metalwork and Jewellery Design BA
6 semesters
180 credits

Course director: Vladimir Péter

Since secondary level training in Hungary provides students with predominantly craftsman-like jewellery designer skills, the Metalwork & Jewellery Design BA at MOME offers a programme in jewellery design with wider knowledge and a broader perspective, complemented with the field of metal fashion accessories – so far untreated by professional design. Jewellery- and product-like objects such as pins, medals, trophies, etc. similarly call for high quality designers, therefore this area of study is also included in the curriculum. The increased amount of tasks in the ever developing field of metalwork design justify the system of three-level university training: the practical character of the three-year BA programme is followed by the environment- and lifestyle-oriented MA level, while the DLA programme leads doctoral students towards an autonomous, socially and environmentally conscious, programme forming professional life.

Course list


Descriptive Geometry
Ergonomics 1
Mould-Making Techniques 1
Metalwork Design Basics 1
Creative Form Studies 1
Chronological Art History
Proseminar: Introduction to Theoretical Studies
Drawing / Sketching 1


Ergonomics 2
Mould-Making Techniques 2
Structural Studies in Metalwork Design 1
Metalwork Design Basics 2
Creative Form Studies 2
Project Description
Construction Studies 1
Drawing / Sketching 2


Mineralogy / Gemmology 1
Structural Studies in Metalwork Design 2
Metalwork Design 1
Construction Studies 2
Sculpture / Dimensional Studies 1
Drawing / Sketching 3
Form Studies 1
Base Metal Technology 1


Mineralogy / Gemmology 2
Metalwork Design 2
Sculpture / Dimensional Studies 2
Drawing / Sketching 4
Form Studies 2
Vocational Comprehensive Exam: Construction Studies, Base Metal Technology and Mineralogy / Gemmology
Base Metal Technology 2


Sculpture / Dimensional Studies 3


Diploma (Portfolio)
Sculpture / Dimensional Studies 4

*Besides the compulsary subjects, the completion of a number of alternative subjects (theoretical studies, speciality subjects) and free elective subjects, specified in the syllabuses, are necessary for completing the training.