MOME - Moholy Nagy Művészeti Egyetem


Photography BA
6 semesters
180 credits

Course director: Ábel Szalontai, Gábor Kopek

The aim of the programme is to train intellectuals for this profession by providing education that is contextual and based on the dual foundation of theory and practice. The curriculum includes the various interfaces of photography: from documentarism to experimental expression, and allows students to understand the peculiar language of design of photographs. Students are trained to create visual messages and narratives with a view of the philosophical, sociological and artistic aspects of photographic interpretations. Interdisciplinary expertise provided by the department allow them to play a significant role in the development of visual culture through integrated visual channels and modern photographic methods. The objective of the bachelor level training is to prepare students for the MA programme as well as to provide knowledge and skills that graduates can make good use of on entering the labour market. BA graduates are capable of harmonising opportunities offered by technological novelties with their own artistic ideas. Although the training primarily aims to ever deepen students' photographic skills, it also gives an insight into the practices of some related (supplementing and supporting) media, moreover, it encourages students to enhance their abilities of working efficiently in teams. Students give presentations of their practical work, theoretical knowledge and practical skills on a regular basis, thus having the opportunity of developing their verbal skills.

Course list


Digital Practice 1
Photography Studio Practice 1
History of Photography 1
Contemporary Visual Communication 1
Chronological Art History
Proseminar: Introduction to Theoretical Studies
Media Design 1 - Imaging
Typography 1
Visual Studies 1


Digital Practice 2
Photography Studio Practice 2
History of Photography 2
Contemporary Visual Communication 2
Project Description
Media Design 2 - Imaging
Typography 1
Visual Studies 2


Media Design 3 - Semiotics
Design Theory 1
Visual Studies 3


Media Design 4 - Semiotics
Design Theory 2
Visual Studies 4


Scenery 1
Media Design 5 - Photography as Medium


Scenery 2
Media Design 6 - Independent Project in Photography

*Besides the compulsary subjects, the completion of a number of alternative subjects (theoretical studies, speciality subjects) and free elective subjects, specified in the syllabuses, are necessary for completing the training.