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Life in Hungary


Budapest is the capital city of Hungary with a population of two million. The metropolis is a political, administrative, cultural and sports centre, made even more attractive to tourists by its series of programs and attractions. Budapest is made more exciting by its favourable geographic position: the town lies on the Danube, the Pest side is essentially flat, whereas the Buda side is picturesque and hilly.

You will certainly have fun in Budapest. You can soak yourself in thermal water, go caving in the Buda hills, take in some great operas and classical concerts, sample some amazing Hungarian cuisine and enjoy the atmosphere of the many ruinpubs and retro gardens. Locals are friendly and easy to approach, and the city itself is safe. Hungarians use a unique language and they are very enthusiastic when a foreigner makes the effort to use it.

There is so much to do in Budapest and some great shopping too! Budapest has something for everyone!

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Please note, that due to limited spaces, we are not able to accommodate ERASMUS students in the dormitory of our university, so renting a room or a whole flat can be options for you.

Renting a room can cost ca. 20 000 HUF a month. Renting a whole flat is a better option if you prefer privacy. It is more expensive but a flat share will reduce your costs. This means about 50 000-60 000 HUF a month plus overhead. Renting a flat in suburban districts of Budapest is always cheaper than in the city center.

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Student's Residence Permit

Citizens of the EEA (EU+Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland may enter the territory of the Republic of Hungary with a valid travel document or personal identification document and have the right of residence not exceeding three months from the date of entry.

Students can reside for more than 3 months if they are enrolled at an educational institution offering an accredited curriculum. If you stay for more than 3 months, within ninety-three days from the time of entry you have to register at the regional directorate of the Office of Immigration and Nationality. Address: Budapest- 1117, Budafoki út 60., Tel.: +36 1 463 9100.

Students from outside the EU (ex, Turkey or Israel) can reside for up to 30 days after their arrival in Hungary with their visa. They have to register at the Office of Immigration and Nationality (see above address) as soon as possible when they have a fix address in order to obtain the residence permit. Opening hours: Mon: 8.30-13, Tue: 13-18, Wedn: 8.30-12, Thurs: 8.30-13, Fri: 8.30-12.

Insurance – Health Service

EU citizens are insured on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card when they are in another member state.

In case of health problems we advise international students to go here:

Belváros-Lipótváros Health Service Center

1051 Budapest, Hercegprímás utca 14-16.

Tel: (1) 428-8100 Fax: (1) 428-8113

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Living costs

In practice, you will need ca. 120.000 HUF (620 USD-440 EUR) per month in order to cover the costs of decent accommodation, pay for the local transport, and even go out occasionally. This amount should cover the costs of rent, food, clothing, personal hygiene, local transport, study materials, telephone and other expenses.

There are small regional differences in this amount: life in Budapest is more expensive than in other Hungarian cities. To give an idea on monthly living costs, see the following list of average prices:

rent of a small flat in Budapest: 50-60,000 HUF + utilities

one monthly pass: 9 800 HUF (for students: 3 850 HUF)

bus ticket: 320 HUF

1 loaf of bread: 300 HUF

1 bottle of beer: 200-400 HUF

1 bottle of wine: 1000-3 000 HUF

1 litre of milk: 250 HUF

eating out: 2 000- 4 000 HUF

cinema ticket: 12 00- 1 500 HUF

The official currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). For up-to-date exchange rates please refer to the web page of the Hungarian National Bank ( ).

Public transport

The public transport system within the city of Budapest is run by BKV (Budapesti Közlekedési Vállalat). Here you can find information about tickets and timetables:

All students with a valid student card (international or issued by MOME) may purchase a monthly budapest pass for students (Havi Budapest-bérlet tanulóknak) at a reduced price.